Monday, February 28, 2011

Cold hands, warm heart

Home now. It was snowing hard when we left.


I also thought I'd post some random pics from our vacation.

Along for the ride.

Being a dork.


Overdone xtratuf picture.

That's my vacation. Thanks!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

End of vacation

Sad the trips over!
Still on nyquil. Here's what we did today (Sunday).

Newport bayfront.

Sad, lonely sea lion.


We drove to Silver Falls camground and got a cabin. It's awesome!

Pretty snowy here with icicles on everything.
Before it got too late we wanted to get in a quick hike to a waterfall.

The top of South Falls.

That face?!

Behind the waterfall in the caveish area.

Inside caveish area looking down. Right after I took this a huge probably foot wide icicle fell from the top of the falls. Scary!

Deer friends.

These guys weren't shy!


We are officially headed home tomorrow afternoon. Might post another entry tomorrow. Goodnight!

I'm not clever right now.

I got the flu and feel like absolute crap. I'm just gonna post pics and keep everything brief. I'm on nyquil so, forgive me if it sounds kinda loopy.

Umpqua lighthouse I think.

Huge jaw bone from a humpback whale.

I almost bought this at a thrift store because who wouldn't want the "after hair"?

I did buy this at thrift store. The Covered Bridge Society of Oregon!

Later that night we went here.

It was karaoke night and people were really going for it cause it's the seafood and wine festival in Newport.
We had to sleep in a tent sight in the van. I slept like crap. Freezing!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hobo Stew

We had a pretty mellow day and I'm gonna warn you now my pics are almost all of animals I saw today cause I'm a nerd.
First we drove to old town Bandon which was really cool. I saw these guys and their friends...

There's a ton of ducks and geese in old town Bandon just strutting in the street.

Then I saw some horses.

Haha, so boring.

After that we drove to Port Orford and got coffee then went to Cape Blanco. So pretty there, plus, it was a gorgeous super sunny day at the beach today!

Lighthouse in the distance to the left. We weren't allowed to go past this point, the road was gated.

One of my favorite things to do at the beach is feed the seagulls. You can get the best pictures of them by feeding them the crappiest bread, cause they are pigs!

Come and get it!

Evil, hungry seagull!

We had clam chowder and hot chocolate for lunch.

Mmm, coast chowder is the best!

John made a campfire a couple hours later.
We heard a pack of coyotes in the distance which was really cool. I can't remember ever hearing them at the beach.
Also, while outside at the campfire a humongous racoon we dubbed, "Francine" kept coming out of the bushes onto our yurt porch. So cute!
John didn't really seem to think so though and kept chasing her off. I wanted to feed her and get a picture but he said not a good idea. Sorry Francine!

He made us something called, "Hobo Stew" for dinner. Meat, salt and pepper, and veggies wrapped in foil and cooked in the fire. We had ours with Boca burgers.

Later we played Monopoly and I got pissed cause I lost.

We are beginning our trip homeward Saturday. Thinking of staying at Washburne park (14 miles north of Florence) for the night. I'll post more when I can. Ciao!

P.S. John said I could put this picture on here.

Location:Bandon, OR

Friday, February 25, 2011

We built this city on rock n' roll

Our breakfast: egg salad sandwich with a dallop of mustard!

We left Gold Hill fairly early to head to The Trees of Mystery. Pretty standard drive with tiny, cute "towns" every 15 miles or so. Lots of snow on the pass!

They tried to steal our oranges at the California border but we weren't having that.

Trees of mystery was pretty cool. For $14.00 I would probably only go once in my life.

Classic photo we've all taken.

Babe's disgusting balls!


We rode on this thing. I was kinda freaked out, not gonna lie.

He was acting afraid. Making fun of me probably.

That's Red Mountain in the distance.

There were a bunch of chainsaw carvings.

Scary baby chainsaw carving!


Big utensils for Paul.

Haircut and shave with an axe!

Huge skippy!

After we left we had about a 3 hour drive to Bullards Beach. Then it decided to blizzard all over us. Took us longer than expected, but we made it! Here's a few more pics of the rest of the night.

Big ocean rocks!

Sunset. I use hipstamatic a lot, I know.

I got bored while we were driving and made this.

Finally, home sweet yurt for 2 nights!

Finally, a couple of pretty terrible beers from Grocery Outlet. I liked the can!

Location:Bandon, OR