Monday, May 23, 2011

Siltcoos Lake Camping!

John and I took a camping trip last week to Siltcoos Lake just outside of Florence, OR. We had 5 phenomenal days of canoeing, sailing, and sunshine.

The rain burned off and we had a beautiful sunset the night we got there.

Sunsine in Florence.

Cutie chihuahua shop dog in an antique store. I believe her name was Miss Rosie.

John on the catamaran.

What a badass!!

Sunshine makes us huge nerds apparently.


This is the campground we stayed at. I really recommend it!

There's a railroad track that goes from Coos Bay to Eugene. It's been out of use for several years, but they are supposed to be repairing it soon.

Railroad tunnel.

Inside the tunnel. Unfortunately we were wearing sandles and it's super wet and muddy and very uneven ground so we didn't make it the whole way through.

I got bit by a mosquito and am mildly allergic. I always get insanely swollen in the areas I get bit. Yuck!

There was a lot of gin rummy. John was the ultimate champion but......

He makes this face when he loses a hand.

Can you guess where this is?

This was for sale at an estate sale but we didn't buy it for some reason.

I did buy this fucking awesome life-size deer though!!